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braintastic by brainboost

our own Neurofeedback App

We are currently developing our own Neurofeedback App. In the future it will be possible to do Neurofeedback training comfortably on the road (with portable EEG headbands like the MUSE Headband).
In addition, other of our products (such as the Carrera-Racetrack) are connected to it.

We can not reveal more at the moment. Stay tuned 😉

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VR Projects

sponsored by the bmbf

We are currently participating in a larger bmbf-funded project (Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

We can’t tell you more at the moment. Stay tuned 😉

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Executives 360°

Workshops for the leaders of our economy

We are currently designing coaching products for executives supported by the latest neurotechnology.

There will be intensive workshops, one-day coachings and whole weekend packages.

Mental Fitness Training and Prevention is the most important factor for health & performance in very hectic professions such as management.

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Translated with

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we integrate biofeedback & stress tests in our training

We use the latest hardware and software from the field of biofeedback and are currently researching how we can best integrate the data obtained into our training.

We will keep you up to date.

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brainalyze AI

Machine Learning + EEG-Data

Is it possible for us to revolutionize the usual anamnesis practices in medicine?

We can’t tell you any more at this point.

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some development projects with major customers of ours are unfortunately under disclosure

We would like to give you even more insight into our development activities. Unfortunately, some of our major projects are under disclosure.

We’ll keep you up to date on our blog and social media as soon as we can publish something.

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News about events & other projects you find here

News about events & other projects you find here

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