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Business Customers

Bring mental health and mindfulness into your business. We offer workshops, trainings, lectures and offers for health days on the topics of mental performance, mindfulness and stress resilience.


Learn more about your brain and how it works and learn how to train it. We offer neurofeedback and biofeedback in a medical context as well as in the peak performance area.

Training & Partners

You want to offer neurofeedback in your practice and expand your portfolio? We will train you to become a neurofeedback therapist and are a strong partner at the highest level.

better brain. better life.

As experts in neuro-technology we have
solutions suitable for your application areas

Interdisciplinary team

Our team consists of a doctor, psychologists, health and sports scientists, business economists and developers and offers
therefore specialist knowledge from various areas.

Over 4000 neurofeedback trainings per year

Due to the close cooperation with Philipp Heiler’s neurofeedback practice, we receive daily feedback on our product and constantly adapt the quality and level to customer requirements.

Highest quality

We use medically certified EEG amplifiers for our services,
to measure real brain activity.

Bioparameters for mental & physical health

data-based | individual | understandable


The measurement and recording of the bioparameters is carried out with medically certified devices, which are also used in practice. Only real, scientifically established brain activities and bioparameters are measured and recorded.


Professional and scientifically sound handling of the
collected data, whose evaluation is based on medical standards.


Oriented on scientific findings, a practical proven and practicable training, tailored to the individual goals created and implemented.

Our competencies

scientific | high quality | innovative

Network & Events

Through events we offer a broad gathering and a qualitative exchange around neurofeedback and mental performance.

Research & Training

We carry out research projects in cooperation with international universities. For therapists and trainers we offer a well-founded training concept.

Training & Unternehmensgesundheit

For companies we offer workshops, training and health days to train and strengthen the mental fitness of employees, teams and managers.

Medical indication

In cooperation with the practice for neurofeedback of Philipp Heiler we treat patients with medical symptoms.

Cooperation with medical practice
for neurofeedback from Philipp Heiler in Munich

We work closely with the medical practice for neurofeedback of Philipp Heiler in Munich. Patients with depression, ADS/ADHS and other psychological and neurological diseases benefit from the innovative technologies developed by brainboost. Through this cooperation we receive daily feedback on the course and success of neurofeedback therapies and thus carry out continuous quality control. Philipp Heiler contributes his broad knowledge as speaker, expert and author.

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