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“Good to see you around! My name is Anna. I’m a health scientist and trainer in neurofeedback and relaxation techniques. I love good food and spending my free time on a stand up paddle board somewhere on the water. Beyond that I’m a big fan of lists and schedules. My favorite books are cheesy novels. I’m not as equipped as I would like to be when it comes to research and technology, but that’s what my wonderful colleagues are for! Have fun reading the blog and I hope parts of our daily life can be beneficial to your mental fitness and health!”

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Flowgradeshow | 12/2019

What is neurofeedback, which brainwaves are important and how you can try neurofeedback yourself. (german)

XPLR Media Bavaria | 12/2019

Your gym for the brain - therapy and starting points of neurofeedback and the possibility to improve the experience through VR. (german)

Focus Online | 10/2019

In only 2 steps to a fitter brain - types and requirements for efficient brain training (german)

The Red Bulletin | 9/2019

12 sustainable ideas for a better world: Number 9 "Thought moves race car" (german)

tbd* | 6/2019

How does neurofeedback and biofeedback work, what symptoms can be treated with it. (german)

Red Bull | 4/2019

Interview with Philipp Heiler: "What is brain training and does it work" - A doctor's testimonial

Business Insider | 10/2018

What is neurofeedback and how can it improve psychological symptoms.(german)

Business Insider | 10/2018

What is Neurofeedback and how can it help to improve your mental health and well-being.

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