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The Neurofeedback Software - BrainAssistant

  • The BrainAssistant is developed by neurofeedback trainers for neurofeedback trainers to render trainings significantly more efficient
  • The high usability and modern designed surface provide a complete new and improved user experience for neurofeedback trainers.
  • The modern neurofeedback content features the necessary diversity that YOU need to provide an appealing training experience for your clients.
  • Our “expert profiles” enable an uncomplicated “one-click-solution” to set difficulty levels for the neurofeedback content
  • New games are continuously developed and published. They are available with a single click by updating and come free of charge in the according subscription plan.
BrainAssistant Neurofeedback Software

Software Features und Highlights


We have been working with our self-developed software from the very first hour. Constantly we have developed this further and will continue to work on it in the future. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to test all games and applications 14 days for free!


As a trainer, you deal with different clients every day. We have therefore continuously developed the operation of the BrainAssistant and made it as simple as possible. At the same time, you have the possibility to make detailed settings for each application in order to offer the perfect training.


Every training should be appealing, motivating and contemporary. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on designing each game with lovely and modern graphics. Many games are therefore in 3D graphics with many upgrade possibilities within the game so that your client stays motivated.


You can create a separate account within BrainAssistant for each player/client. This way, your client can earn points in each game and use them across games to buy upgrades in the game of their choice with their accumulated points. This keeps the motivation high!


How does the BrainAssistant work?

Funktion BrainAssistant by brainboost

The right subscription for your training offer
with neurofeedback

14 days free trial without registration!
Monthly cancelable!


0 /Month
  • Clients accounts to collect points
  • In-game upgrades through collected points
  • Ocean Dive (3D Game)
  • Flight Map (3D Game)
  • Session documentation tool


45 /Month
  • 1 month for free for annual payments
  • cancellable monthly
  • everything in Free plus
  • Media Center (Volume and Dimmer)
  • Puzzle Game
  • Focus Master classic
  • Focus Master (3D Game)
  • Seven Seas (3D Game)


89 /Month
  • 1 month for free for annual payments
  • cancellable monthly
  • everything in Basic plus
  • Dragonfly (3D Game inkl. Controller-Function - e.g. Xbox or Playstation for PC Controller)
  • Dragonbay (3D Game inkl. Controller-Function - e.g. Xbox or Playstation for PC Controller)
  • Waterfall (3D Game)
  • Train Your Brain (3D Game with memory, reaction oder mathproblems)
  • Jumper (3D Game)
  • Feeding Animals (3D Game)
  • Pirate Island (3D Game)


Currently, our software works with devices from ANT Neuro, Neurobit Systems, MindMedia, BrainBit and Zeto-Inc. Consequently, you can use our BrainAssistant with all Neurobit Optima 2 devices, your eego 24/ EE-511, eego 8/ EE-411, NeXus 4, NeXus 10 and NeXus 32, with your Smart EEG Headband from BrainBit, the BrainBit Flex or the Zeto EEG device.

Our software contains everything to enable you to have smooth neurofeedback with ANT Neuro, BioTrace+ (Nexus 10, 4, 32 / MindMedia), Neurobit, BrainBit, Zeto and many other devices.

Of course!

Once you have installed our BrainAssistant, you can test the entire content, i.e. Free, Basic and Premium for 14 days without registration and free of charge. After this time, you can simply switch to the Free plan and continue to use the applications/games contained here free of charge. We are of course happy about feedback and if you contribute to the continuous development of our software by using paid plans.

Our opinion about the BrainAssistant

"As a physician, I have been running my own practice specializing in neuro- and biofeedback for years ( In parallel, I founded the company brainboost with my brother Tobias to optimize our training and make it contemporary."

Philipp Heiler CEO brainboost
Philipp Heiler
Founder & CEO brainboost

"Through my work with trainers, who already offer neurofeedback, as well as new partners, I know their requirements and wishes. This allows us to improve and develop our software in constant contact with trainers."

Heiler Tobias CFO brainboost
Tobias Heiler
Founder & CFO brainboost

"I am in constant contact with trainers to get ideas for new games and applications for our software. That way I know what is needed in practical use and helps all our partners and trainers with their work."

Förster Anna brainboost
Anna Förster
Business Development & Growth Manager

"When working with managers, athletes and corporate clients, it is important to appear professional and use state-of-the-art games and applications. This way we give the customer what is expected."

Müller Johanna brainboost
Johanna Müller
Head of Corporate Solutions

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14 days free test trial without registration

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