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Our vision is to make Mental Health and the tools needed for it
accessible to everyone.

Philipp Heiler CEO brainboost

Philipp Heiler

Founder & CEO
Medical Doctor

For me, medicine involves technology on the one hand and personal contact with people on the other, in order to work holistically.

Heiler Tobias CFO brainboost

Tobias Heiler

Founder & COO
Management (M.Sc.)
Sports Science (B.Sc.)

My dream is to share our knowledge with many partners in the world so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.

Lichtenstern Daniel Software developer

Daniel Lichtenstern

Founder & CTO
Software Development

In an interdisciplinary team I work with the latest technologies, in the field of BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) / HCI (Human-Computer-Interface).

Förster Anna brainboost

Anna Förster

Business Development & Growth Manager Assistant to CEO
Health Science (B.Sc.)

As a health scientist, I have learned not only to take into account the system in which we live, but also the individual itself and the system in which we live, but also the individual himself holistically. In medicine, too, it is important not only to recognize the diagnoses, but also to recognize the person behind them.

Sebastian Kugler Neurofeedback brainboost

Sebastian Kugler

3D Game Development
Psychology (B.Sc.)

I care about a successful user experience in neurofeedback training for peak performers as well as patients.

Flacke Luis brainboost Partner

Dr. Luis Flacke

Partner Manager
Science Communication,
Networking and Training

I take care of the networking and training of various partners worldwide. The increasing scientific output on behalf of neurofeedback motivates me to pass on our knowledge and know-how.

brainboost braini

Selina Völk

Business Development
Health management (B.A.)

brainboost braini

Jessica Merkl

Corporate health
Health Science (B.Sc.)

brainboost braini

Lena Nickles

Partnering and Education
Health Science (B.Sc.)

Due to the increasing demands on our society and the resulting mental stress of the population, as a health scientist I see it as my duty to advocate for alternative and holistic treatment methods. For this reason, I am happy to actively support the brainboost team during my internship and to be able to drive change in this field.

Wang Lu brainboost AI specialist

Lu Wang

Lead Data Analysis
Signal & Image Processing (Ph.D. i.T.)
Business Information Systems (M.Sc.)
Logistics Management (B.Sc.)

I find the vision of brainboost to provide access to mental fitness universally great. To fulfill it, it is important that needed information is available to the right people at the right time.

Birgmann Romina brainboost

Romina Birgmann

Management (M.Sc.)
Sports Science (B.Sc.)

From personal experience, I know how important mental strength is in addition to athletic performance. We should start from a young age and work constantly on ourselves and develop further.

We help you optimize your mental health and strength

We are a company that focuses systemically on the aspects of training, regeneration and maintenance of mental health, mental strength and well being with an interdisciplinary team. Our team is currently composed of a medical doctor, psychologists,

business economists, sports and health scientists, and developers. Through our work we create awareness of the relevance of mental health. We design individual and efficient training at the highest level.

Press & News


Talking Brains discusses the wide range of applications neurofeedback has in store for each and every one of us. An outlook on future developments is ventured.

Training your own brain has long been common practice, but how can we see what is really happening in our brain? Philipp Heiler talks about neurofeedback and processes in the brain.

In the 2nd part we explain how neurofeedback can be used concretely and Philipp Heiler gives you a few personal life hacks for more mental performance and quality of life mental performance and quality of life.

Philipp’s passion about the brain, people’s quality of life and how people can achieve their goals in life. How not following the “typical doctor’s path” was his first act of leadership.

Using your own brain waves to control a character in a video game or move a small vehicle on a Carrera track? Sounds totally crazy to you? At first glance it is!

Specialization on the brain – you can find explanations why this organ is so exciting here. And what do we actually do differently at brainboost than in our practice for neurofeedback? We explain it to you.

How large is the treatment spectrum of neurofeedback. What can be treated with it and what is unfortunately not possible. We explain exactly how neurofeedback can be used in therapy.

Which brain waves occur during meditation and what does my brain do when I concentrate. And what is the famous alpha state? You’ll get the answers in this podcast.

Our story


    • Foundation of Philipp Heiler’s practice for neurofeedback


  • Foundation brainboost



    • Focus on medical application fields (ADD/ADHD, depression,
      Epilepsy, Autism)
    • First patients in medical practice



  • Strong growth of medical practice, relocation to premises at the
    Sendlinger Tor in Munich


    • Introduction of performance neurofeedback for musicians, athletes and
    • Development of proprietary neurofeedback games & software


    • Development of neurofeedback in virtual reality (VR)
    • First concepts in the field of corporate health management


    • Cooperation with Technical University of Munich in various research projects




    • Growth to 15 employees


    • Founding brainboost GmbH through self-funding to remain independent




  • Expansion of the portfolio for companies: Health Days | Workshops |
    Trainings | Lectures | Events | Speakers | Coaching



  • Expanding development and research: machine learning + EEG data |
    Virtual Reality | Hardware | Prototypes
  • Offerings for therapists: Training | Partner Concept | Consulting


Work to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In our work, we are guided by the 17 global goals signed by the member states of the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for the

sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, we focus our work on three prioritized goals:

SDG #3
Healthy living for all

ensure a healthy life for all people of all ages
and promote their well-being

SDG #4
Education for all

Ensure inclusive, equitable, and quality education and Promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

SGD #17Strengthening implementation resources and global partnership

Strengthen means of implementation and breathe new life into the global partnership for sustainable development

Monday - Friday
9 am - 6 pm

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