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These companies already count on us

These companies already count on us

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Virtual Reality




Virtual Reality


Most frequently booked for

Frequently booked for

  • Health Days & events in companies
  • measurements in the field of health & neuro-technology
  • Startup events
  • Experts at motivation seminars
  • Workshops for Innovation
  • And many more...

“I appreciate Philipp Heiler on the one hand for his extraordinary professional competence, but on the other hand also for his extremely pleasant human side. His combination of creativity, seriousness and empathy make him a very valuable partner for me, whom I trust 100%. He and his team not only impressed me, but also my seminar participants more than positively and enriched my event very much”.

Steffen Kirchner

Steffen Kirchner
Speaker & motivational trainer for peak performance

Book our Neuro-Experts as Speakers

We hold expert talks on all topics related to neuro technology & mental fitness

Popular Keynote Topics

Mental Health

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

in medicine

Virtual Reality

Example of Keynotes

  • EEG Analysis and Neurofeedback - medical measurement methods and therapies made comprehensible
  • Mental Fitness - a fitness studio for your brain
  • Self-development and Coaching - How medical measurement techniques can help
  • Digitization in medicine - opportunities and risks
  • Stress management and burnout prevention - making stress visible
  • Understanding mental performance - how a step back can be a step forward
  • What the brain tells us - neuromarketing
  • Making dreams measurable - Neurodesign
Keynote - Speaker
Keynote about neural networks & EEG
Keynote Speaker für mentale Fitness
Keynote about Neurofeedback

This is only a part of our presentations – we will be happy to work out your desired presentation – contact us

Combine the speech with our services for corporate health management

Gesundheitstag BrainReport
Gesundheitstag Carrera Bahn
Gesundheitstag Mental Fitness Challenge
Führungskräfte Workshop Gesundheitstag

BrainReport - Mental Fitness Analysis

  • Objective analysis of brain activity incl. personalized recommendations
  • Objective analysis of brain activity incl. personalized recommendations

Carrera-Racetrack showcase

  • Making brain activity comprehensible - controlling a Carrera-Racetrack with your power of mind


  • Introduction to mental fitness training through technically supported meditation

Workshops for executives

  • Objective coaching & workshop incl. state-of-the-art medical EEG technology

Most companies book a combination of
Lecture + BrainReport + Carrera-Showcase

We also offer individual solutions for you
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