Biohacking mittels Neurofeedback

Younger, faster, smarter, better – with biohacking to a better you?

By now, everyone has probably come across this term – biohacking. But what exactly is behind it and can it really make you 180 years old?

Biohacking is, in short, a form of “do-it-yourself biology”. It is the combination of biology with partly state-of-the-art technology in order to optimise the human body.

Biohacking thus pursues the goal of being able to function at the best possible level on a physical, mental and spiritual level and thus to be able to lead an all-round healthier life. The biggest challenge is probably to take permanent responsibility for one’s own life.

But what exactly do I have to do to be a “biohacker”?

The first step is to get to know yourself and your body a little more. Acquiring knowledge about your own body and using this knowledge for yourself.

Whether it’s nutrition, sport and exercise, sleep, red light therapy, cold baths, oxygen chambers or even neurofeedback. The possibilities to get closer to the best version of oneself in small or big steps grow from day to day.

But here too, you don’t have to jump on every trend and the crowd makes the difference! Who knows whether Dave Asprey, the founder of the biohacking trend, will really live to be 180 and whether this will help him to live a fulfilled life.

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