Why mental fitness is indispensable in business?!

Our passion is to make mental health & fitness accessible and therefore more tangible to as many people as possible. Our desire is to normalise mental training and offer it as naturally as sports courses. With us, you get personal training for the brain, so to speak, which of course also means that we respond individually to our clients, their concerns, wishes and goals. In this day and age, mental health should no longer be a taboo subject, but simply a topic that should definitely be given more attention.

To achieve this, we have developed numerous great offers for companies and their employees. Depending on the target group to be addressed, we can deliver the right offer or create it individually.

On our website all products are presented in detail. Feel free to click through and inform yourself about the offers. If you have any questions about the individual products or would like to talk to us, just send us an email and we will be happy to tell you more.

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Consequently, we will briefly and succinctly present our most popular products:

Training Book Mental Fitness & Health

Our book is the first step in introducing employees to the topic of mental fitness – entertaining, instructive and sustainable. The individual exercises can be easily transferred to everyday routines.

NeuroRacing Showcase 

Experience and understand the brain in a playful way. A relaxed introduction to mental training, suitable for company events or health days. Steer a car with your brain. Sounds just as cool as it is. The only difference is that it’s not about thinking about stopping or driving, but about relaxing. The brain is supposed to shut down, come to rest, and as a positive feedback the car then starts moving.

Expert lectures

The brainboost experts shed light on topics such as creativity, relaxation, mindfulness, resilience and meditation in an entertaining and informative way. We offer various formats here. The topics can also be customized, depending on what is particularly present in the company at the moment. Online, on-site, in German or in English, here we are completely open and can offer everything.

The Brain TV webinar series, the leadership workshops and the Bio-Brain Report are also particularly popular.

Well, have we aroused your interest? Then write to us or drop by our practice or suggest us to your employer and we look forward to being there at the next health day or company event.

brainboost Performance
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Perfekt im Flow State – brainboost Performance

Performance: Die täglichen Aufgaben und Projekte schneller, mit höherer Qualität und weniger Ermüdung bearbeiten. Zur Ausnutzung des vollen Potentials unseres Gehirns probieren wir bei brainboost verschiedene Ansätze und Strategien aus,

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