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Science meets practice – This is the story behind brainboost

Let’s take a little trip back in time, back to 2016, where our story begins with the founding of a medical practice by Philipp Heiler. Specialising in biofeedback and neurofeedback, Philipp works predominantly with patients who already have acute psychological complaints. While working in the practice, however, he quickly recognised the importance of preventive measures to promote mental health and therefore founded the company “brainboost” together with his brother Tobias (sports scientist & business economist). Over the years, we have developed a lot, learned a lot and improved a lot. To make the training as effective and varied as possible, we always use innovative technologies. In addition to the neurofeedback games that we develop in-house, we have also released our own software. With all the necessary tools and many more gadgets, we can offer the best possible training and application experience with the BrainAssistant.

That’s what we offer:

This enables us to respond even better to our clients, to implement suggestions and wishes, to optimise treatments and to ensure greater satisfaction. Today, “brainboost” is backed by an interdisciplinary team of experts who, on the one hand, support companies in workplace health promotion and, on the other hand, offer individual mental training for clients. In addition, we also conduct training courses in which we impart the necessary knowledge to other therapists so that they can also offer professional neurofeedback training. Private individuals can also receive training from us so that they can carry out the training independently at home. We not only provide the knowledge, but also the necessary equipment and support.

The brainboost team

With our team consisting of a doctor, sports, data, natural and health scientists, psychologists, business economists and developers, we are broadly positioned. We all follow the same passion: to work with people, to help them build their mental strength and to alleviate or prevent medical conditions. In a world that constantly confronts us with new challenges, building mental strength is of great importance.

Our mission

That’s why our mission is to help as many people as possible to improve their quality of life and performance. It is important to us to keep up with the times, to use the most modern techniques and to remain at the cutting edge of research, which is why we are constantly developing. It is certain that there will be more developments in the field of mental training in the coming years. We are happy to be able to experience and help shape this process and are enthusiastically involved in every step into the future!

brainboost Performance
Research & Development

Perfekt im Flow State – brainboost Performance

Performance: Die täglichen Aufgaben und Projekte schneller, mit höherer Qualität und weniger Ermüdung bearbeiten. Zur Ausnutzung des vollen Potentials unseres Gehirns probieren wir bei brainboost verschiedene Ansätze und Strategien aus,

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