brainboost im Deutschen Museum

Controlling a car with your own brain

Our technology will be in the Deutsches Museum Nuremberg – the future museum

Tomorrow, on September 18, 2021, the time has come and the new branch of the Deutsches Museum will open its doors in Nuremberg. With its focus on present and future of technology and science in five different thematic areas it also bears the title “the museum of the future”. Our racing track is not to be missed here. Because here you can control a car with your brain!

Since 2016, the two brothers and founders of brainboost Philipp and Tobias Heiler have been touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland with our racing track, creating awareness for the topic of mental health and fitness in a corporate context. But how does it work and what makes the nostalgic racing track so futuristic now?

The answer is quite simple: in the case of brainboost the car is not controlled with a controller via the hands as usual but via the person’s brain. With the help of an EEG the brain activities of the participant are measured and transferred to the racing track. Depending on the technical setting the car drives when its driver is focused or in a relaxed state for example. The idea is to illustrate unconscious processes in the brain in a playful way and to develop individual exercises. Thus, the participants on a health day in the company for example have the opportunity to find out how their brain works in certain situations and with which tricks they can support it.

What it feels like to control a car with your brain and to find out under which conditions your own brain works the best – this and much more is to be discovered from 18.09.2021 in the Deutsches Museum Nuremberg in the theme area “Body and Mind”.

More information on: German Museum.

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