brainboost connects the alps

brainboost connects the alps – We gathered inspiration for a social future together with several start-ups from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at “Red Bull Amaphiko – Connects the Alps”.

Together with 12 other teams and innovators, we were selected from over 100 applicants to collect ideas for a more sustainable social world. Social entrepreneurship is a model for the future, because we already know today: we can improve the world. With smart concepts, exciting social products and committed people

What does entrepreneurship have to do with mountaineering? This is what alpinist legend Stefan Glowacz told us in a talk about his expeditions in the Himalayas and Antarctica: “Summits are a clearly defined goal, the epitome of challenge, and the more clearly a goal is defined, the more concretely you can pursue it.” He motivated us to set ourselves new summits and to always keep our goals clearly in mind.

Workshops on story-telling, social media, how to deliver the perfect pitch and what a team needs and is made of gave us a lot of new input and good food for thought on the business side of the weekend.

But meditation, yoga, live music, delicious local organic food and an alpine hike were also on the programme. Because a bright mind needs a healthy body in the first place. After three days we felt full of energy, new ideas and inspiration.

The following link leads you to our products: Products | BGM brainboost GmbH An interface, with which we contribute to a social future.

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brainboost goes hackathon

From June 24 to 25, a hackathon organized by Munich Student Athletes Club and START Munich took place with the support of the Technical University of Munich. Students had the

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