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brainboost goes hackathon

From June 24 to 25, a hackathon organized by Munich Student Athletes Club and START Munich took place with the support of the Technical University of Munich. Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their programming and problem-solving skills for 24 hours. The hackathon was a great opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge in practice, learn about new technologies and make new contacts at the same time.

The teams could choose one of three tasks to work on over 24 hours. As one of the sponsors, brainboost set a challenge for the weekend: to develop a neurofeedback game in the field of peak performance. The participants put their heads together and began to plan their projects, exchange ideas and give free rein to their creativity.

Brainstorming time

In the following hours, the teams worked intensively on their projects. The atmosphere was filled with energy and excitement, everyone was highly motivated to put their ideas into action. It was inspiring to see how the participants worked together and shared their skills. There was a lot of learning and growth, both on a technical and interpersonal level. Daniel, Sebastian and Philipp were there to support them as coaches from brainboost.

The hackathon results were impressive!

From new apps and software solutions to prototypes for innovative prostheses, there were numerous projects to marvel at. The jury, consisting of Olympians as well as experts from industry and academia, had the difficult task of selecting and evaluating the best projects. The focus was on creativity, technical implementation and the economic viability of the project.

At the end of the day, the winners were announced and awarded prizes. It was inspiring to see young people using their knowledge and skills to find solutions to real problems. The event was proof that innovation and teamwork are essential foundations for progress in technology. We can look forward to seeing what projects and ideas will come out of this exciting event in the future. Overall, the hackathon at the TU Munich was a great success. The participants who came in second place are now allowed to come to our practice for a neurofeedback session. And there is one more success to report: Two of the three winning teams were participants in the brainboost EEG Challenge – we like!

Here is a little “after-movie” to get even more impressions. What a great weekend, we loved it!
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