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Step by step into the direction of mental fitness and health

The time has come, we’re writing a blog! The brainboost team, mainly my colleague Iris and I, have decided to take you with us into our world. We want to give you insights into our everyday life, our work and everything connected to it. Insights into things that are totally normal for us by now, like controlling a race car with the brain. But we want to also show you things, which fascinate us time and time again and motivate us to keep going.

Especially as a young and interdisciplinary team with a doctor, sport- and health scientists, psychologists, economists and developers we’re driven by passion and beyond that have a wide range of topics we cover.

Above all is our mission – to raise awareness of and attract attention to the topic of mental fitness and health in society as well as object to the negative stigma with the help of science.

So what is the aim of this blog? We would like to entertain but also provide information. We want to stay data-based and scientifically accurate but at the same time accessible for everybody. Whether current research projects, tips for mindfulness in your daily life or a deep dive into different mental disorder patterns – we are right in the middle of it and want to share it with you. We look forward to meeting you here!

Well then, here’s to exciting times!

Best regard from the (today sunny) Munich and see you soon,


Research & Development

Biomarker for depression

We are still over the moon! After a long time of submitting applications and preparation we got the green light for our next big project. Thanks to the central innovation

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brainboost connects the alps

Inspiration für eine soziale Zukunft sammelten wir gemeinsam mit mehreren Start-Ups aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz bei “Red Bull Amaphiko – Connects the Alps”. Gemeinsam mit 12 anderen Teams

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